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Resonor is a Swiss company that sells physical gold, which is exclusively produced by national gold foundries, known for being among the major players in the global supply of this precious metal. Each bar is identified with a serial number and it is accompanied by a certificate of quality that is issued by the refinery.


Founded in 1987, Resonor obtained the official licence for trading precious metals in 2008. The firm has its own vault, built according to the highest bank safety and security standard.

Regulated Activity

Resonor is an authorized financial intermediary, pursuant to art. 2, Par. 3, LRD Law. The company is member of OAD Polyreg since 2012.

Why Gold?

A portfolio, which is built with different assets, should be balanced for reducing risk. Gold has always been considered a safe haven as it helps to diversify the portfolio. A further point in favour of investing in physical gold is represented by VAT exemption on the purchase, which was introduced by the European Union in order to promote the use of gold as a financial instrument.

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