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How to Invest in Gold Bullion - Resonor
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09:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

Via F. Soave, 1,

CH-6900 Lugano.

+41 91 9722000




You will be invited to our office in Lugano for a first consultation, in order to discuss the option that best suits your needs.

NB:All new clients will receive a travel expenses refund *

* Condition applied, please ask for details.

Safekeeping, Insurance

Depending on your requirements, we will draft a tailor made contract that will include an insurance as well, covering the value of your gold. Moreover, the quality of the ingots will be certified by a Swiss certificate of purity.


After agreeing the terms of your contract, you will be able to fix your purchasing price by making a payment.

and Safekeeping

You will hold your gold in your hands as our staff will hand delivery the ingots to you in our office. You will put it yourself into your safe box in our vault in Lugano (The vault is coherent with the strict Swiss standards).

Why Switzerland

The link between Switzerland and the most famous precious metal is much older than the connection between the Confederation and the bank industry, already very strong considering that bankers like Lombard Odier started in Switzerland already during the Eighteenth Century.

Every year, Swiss refineries work 70% of the worldwide gold, and two third of the existing gold pass through the Swiss jurisdiction.
Until 1992, the Swiss Constitution ruled that the 40% of the Swiss Franc had to be backed by gold. This rule changed just when Switzerland joined the International Monetary Fund.

Because of the importance of personal privacy in Switzerland (as per art 47 of the federal law concerning banks), Swiss gold is the most valued by banks and private investors.

Why invest with Resonor

Resonor SA is a Swiss company expert in the sale and custody of pure gold bullion exclusively supplied by Swiss refineries.
Resonor is regulated by the OAD Polyreg (body of self-regulation and second biggest control institution in Switzerland).

The accounts of the company are audited by independent financial accountant, with the extra support of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP), leader in the auditing of financially regulated activities.

The investment solutions offered by Resonor for capital and wealth protection are extremely solid and safe, due to the strict control of Swiss authorities and to the peace of mind granted by gold as safe haven, especially when political-economical changes produce market volatility.
Resonor’s activity includes complementary services like:

  • Consultancy for Voluntary Disclosure (provided by legal expert within our staff);
  • Tax consultancy and tax planning;
  • Consultancy for Inheritance taxation;
  • Financial consultancy for asset management.

Privacy protection

Unlike other companies, Resonor SA does not deliver gold by post or courier. This choice is related to the extreme care for the privacy of our clients, as per Swiss banks’ standards.

Every client will be required to attend a meeting in our office in Lugano in order to be granted top confidentiality and to get as much confidence as possible. meeting in person our staff. Also, all clients will be able to see with own eyes the purchased gold ingots.

Fill the form to request information or arrange a meeting with our consultants:

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By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted by Resonor SA by phone, fax, email and / or mail, following Swiss regulations (LPD, N.235.1 del 19.06.92)

Resonor SA

Street Address: Via F. Soave, 1 CH-6900 Lugano
Phone: +41 91 9722000