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Resonor’s integrated services start from the sale of physical gold in bullion (minimum amount 1 Kg) and include custody and re-purchase agreement. The company commits to purchase back the bullions at a fixed price, offering an exclusive service for a safe wealth protection. This unique approach allows our clients to invest in gold for diversifying their portfolios, and at the same time it helps to protect investments from risk, being guaranteed by the re-purchase agreement. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment in our office in Lugano

Professional services

Transparent and personalised service, coherent with international regulations.


Swiss certified gold bars.


Every single gold bar is stored in our vault and it is covered against all risks with a leading insurance company..

Services for Portfolio Manager

We offer dedicated services for portfolio managers and family offices for the purchase and the custody of the ingots.

Maximum safety & privacy

Possibility to store bullions in our private vault, located in pur premises, allowing direct access upon appointment, keeping the utmost privacy and safety.

Capital preservation

The re-purchase clause guarantees that Resonor will buy back the gold bars at a fixed price, upon agreement with the client.

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